Club Stiletto - Goddess Lilith Ivy - First the soles then the Toes

Added: 16-12-2023

Sexy Goddess Lilith Ivy is relaxing on the chaise lounge and she beckons her slave into the room. She asks him if he likes her new shoes and then tells him she was out dancing last night, breaking them in, and now she wants them licked clean. She wants to see his devotion to lick the soles of her shoes not knowing where the shoes have been or what she has stepped in. The slave seems a bit hesitant but a bit of verbal straightens the slave out and he soon realizes how lucky he is to attend to her in any manner she sees fit.The slave licks both soles, then sucks the heels, until she tells him to remove them and turn her attention to her feet which are quite heavenly from her night of activity (in other words they are damp and stinky). The Goddess touches her pussy and tells him that she worked up a sweat not only on the dance floor "but in other ways as well, if you know what I mean." Lilith Ivy has had hot sex and danced the night away while the slave waits to clean her soles with his mouth and tongue. Ultimately, she rewards him by letting him sniff the shoes, then lick her feet and suck her toes as well as massage her feet. She is also nice enough to lift a foot up to the camera where she spreads her toes and wrinkles her soles so you can imagine you are there attending to her. Lilith Ivy tells the slave after he has given her an hour foot massage he can crawl to her toilet as by then she'll need to rid her body of the previous nights excess. Read More
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