Club Stiletto - Mistress Mercy Rage - Chastity and Giant Anal Toys for YOU

Added: 12-12-2023

This a perfect POV for any sub that wants to work at becoming the perfect slut and fuck toy. Seductive Mistress Mercy guides you on a path to becoming the perfect slut for women and men alike. As the scene opens she has you crawling into the room... backwards so she can see your hole first. She laughs and comments that you have obviously been keeping something up it because you are already gaping. The chastity cage hangs down between your legs and she is pleased because it's always easier to train sluts like you that have no way of stroking their cock... or should we say clit. You will be trained to have sissygasms, you will leak constantly just from taking cocks up the ass. "Eww, I can see cum dripping from your chastity right now" she says, ordering you to take your finger and scoop it up and eat it. She says any dripping cum must always be consumed as that is part of your programming. Getting fucked and eating cum will be your two main purposes... sucking cock too of course! Mercy displays an 8" dildo and says while some nasty sluts can only take cocks that size, you will be trained to take dildos three times that size, or cocks if she finds any that big.You can see how important your training is to Mercy and even though you are a lowly slave and cum slut, you will really want to work hard to please her. Imagine being at the end of a train so long that it never ends, men just keep lining up again and again and then Mercy walks in to see how you are doing, and she smiles seeing you being spit roast and covered in cum an absolute spectacle. She'll be so proud of you she'll get everyone at her party to come see you and use you. Strap-ons, cocks, fists, you'll be secured to a bench on all fours and you'll take it all. To assist you she hands you multiple dildos and tells you to sit on each one and ride them. As you remove each one you will take it in your mouth and suck and lick it. She wants you prepared for the nastiest of things. You have it in you to literally be the biggest slut ever, Mistress Mercy will show you the way. No condoms at her parties.  What a turn on having a gorgeous women encouraging you to live your wildest dreams and helping you achieve your goals.  Her hot verbals are going to keep you fighting off orgasm even if you are in chastity. Double penetration, huge custom dildos, man trains, fisting, Mercy gets into the kinkiest of topics. You'll be watching this one for years to cum!Read More
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