BlazedBrat - Sweaty Sneakers and Socks Worship

Added: 09-12-2023

I spent the whole weekend out of town at my friend's place! There is only one problem... I only brought ONE PAIR OF SOCKS WITH ME! I just got back tonight and my feet are SO STINKY AND SMELLY! So I knew it was the perfect time to have my slave WORSHIP MY BIG FEET! The video begins with me chatting with my friend on the phone while my slave WORSHIPS and KISSES THE BOTTOMS OF MY SHOE SOLES! I mock my slave and make fun of him with my friend, telling him how pathetic he is and reminding him to KEEP KISSING! After a few minutes, I make my slave lay down as I REMOVE MY SHOES! I am wearing mismatched socks and one of them has a bunch of HOLES ON THE BOTTOM! My socks are SO WORN IN AND STINKY! I push my socks down onto the slave's face, COVERING HIS FACE IN THE STINK! He gags as he sniffs deep, inhaling the stench while trying to please his Mistress! I keep making fun of him while chatting with my friend and rubbing my socked soles up and down his face! Eventually, though, I decide, I have to remove my socks! I comment how I would NEVER want to get my sweaty gross feet all over my shower floor! That would be SO UNHYGENIC! It would be much better to clean my STINKY SWEATY feet off in the slave's mouth first! So before my shower, I command the slave to stick out his tongue and begin making him LICK UP AND DOWN MY SOLES while also SNIFFING UNDER MY SWEATY TOES! I grab the slave's nose with my toes, drag my sweaty soles up and down his tongue, and rub off ALL OF THE FOOT SWEAT onto his stupid face!Read More
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