Princess Camryn - Earning Back Your Ex-GF

Added: 23-10-2023

I wasn't surprised at all to get your text, practically begging to see me again. Since I broke up with you I've gotten hotter, more successful, happier. You see me on social media and have asked around to my friends. You know it’s not just a front, I truly am improving every day. You knew I would continue to evolve, you were always so insecure about my success and intelligence. Did you text me to what…rekindle things? Did you think I would actually take you back or miss you like you miss me? Without me, your life has been difficult, I’m sure. I was the one who was always pushing you to improve yourself. Improve your diet, your mental health, pursue work promotions. Without me, you’ve been stuck and sad. You poor, desperate thing. I suppose I could find a use for you. You are so desperate to be back in my life that you would do anything, right?
I think you can start by cleaning the outside of my house. You can earn the opportunity to be back in my house, in my personal space. Perhaps I’ll let you even serve drinks to my friends at parties. Wouldn’t you like that? Being back in my life, being useful to me? I thought so. I’m going to create a nice long list of tasks for you and you’re going to complete every one, with enthusiasm. Don’t half ass it or I will simply hire someone to replace you. You know how easily I discarded you before, and I can do it again. Stay in my good graces and I’ll keep you around.
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