Natashas Bedroom - 7 Toilet Bitch Tasks

Added: 22-10-2023

I'm going to make a total toilet slut out of you today! I have seven creative and completely nasty toilet tasks planned for you, and each one is going to be VERY degrading. Utterly filthy. But that's okay, because I know that you secretly like it that way. You're my nasty toilet bitch in this clip, and I'm going to use you like you deserve to be used.
You'll feel like a filthy little freak from the first task I give you. But guess what? This is just a warm-up, and things are only going to get nastier. By the second task, which is so degrading that you'll know that you're nothing but my dirty toilet slave, your cock will be so hard for the that you won't be able to stop yourself from plunging deeper down the rabbit hole.
And I can't resist taking advantage of you. I'll make you stroke like a toilet bitch, perform acts of and depravity that put all of your senses to use, making touch, taste, smell and feel in all kinds of nasty ways, overloading your senses and making your cock harder than you can handle. You'll be dripping at how disgusting you are for me. Ready to explode at how far you're going for me.
Speaking of your cock, I'm going to make it perform for me -- in more than one way. By the final task, when you're exploding hard...well, what I'll make you do after is so perverted, and so hot at the same time, that you'll never be normal again. You'll be a toilet bitch for life.
**Note: there's nothing *extremely* hardcore in this clip. No eating/playing with #2, but there will be piss play (in ways that you can't even imagine), and I will make you do all kinds of disgusting things with your toilet. I'll give you what you a little bit more to take you over the edge.**
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