Ivory Soles - Nothing More Than a Foot Bitch

Added: 24-02-2024

Your teacher Ms. Ivory holds you after class to ask where you have been in the afternoons. You used to have the routine of worshiping her feet after class while she grades papers. You confess to her that you tried foot fetish therapy-fantasy to get over your obsession with feet. She is pissed and cant believe you tried to escape her. You need her feet in your life, you are nothing without them. What a complete joke. You are her loyal foot bitch, so get on your knees and worship her feet. She wore the same nylons since you started skipping your worship time. Now they are EXTRA smelly to make up for every little bit of her feet you missed. She removes both her heels and with her smelly nylon feet in your face, you have no will power. Not that you ever did. This isn’t something you can cure or stop. Ivory proves it to you, giving you commands with her feet in your face. Feet are your only pleasure in life. Why try to fight that? With her feet in your face, she takes you right back to foot bitchdom. As her foot bitch, it is your duty to serve her feet. Don’t neglect that again. She reminds you what useless trash you are to her and how you only have value by being her foot bitch. She degrades you, reminding you of the stupid days you wasted trying to resist her fetish and what a dumb foot bitch that makes you. Fighting your fetish is futile, her feet own your life.
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