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Added: 22-12-2023

“We used to go to school together, I was an ugly and nerdy person, while you were the most popular girl in school who used to constantly bully me and make fun of me. I always idolized you and was willing to do anything for you, but to you, I was insignificant.  Years later, I become a computer genius and create a social network that is becoming the new Instagram or TikTok, which makes me a billionaire and one of the richest men in the world. This catches your attention and makes you interested in me. You offered to become my financial advisor and I, who am still willing to do anything for you, accepted. You come to my villa in a sexy, classy, dark and elegant dress (showing your legs and cleavage, please), and tell me that you have completed the list of everything that I own, and that it is time to entrust everything to you and leave me with nothing. In my villa, you notice a handsome muscular bodyguard who is under my command, and you find him sexy, and suggest that he can assist us and serve as a witness. You tell me that you want my life, my company, my properties, and my billions, and that it will be much better to leave everything in your hands. If I am truly willing to do anything for you, then I should be ready to do anything. You notice that this excites me, but I am also scared, and in any case, I am not capable of telling you no. I will do anything to make you happy.
You see that I am scared, but you tell me that we will take it one step at a time, and that it will be easy because you have already prepared everything. You have a computer (or tablet) where you have arranged all the transfers, and all you need are my passwords and digital signatures (which you ask for every transaction).
We start with my company, which by now is well-established and earns hundreds of millions of dollars every month. You arrange the transfer of all my shares to yourself, and all I have to do is authorize it with a signature. You also make me sign a document stating that it is your idea to create the social network, and that I stole it from you, but that I regret it and have decided to return to you what is rightfully yours. In the eyes of the world, you will be the genius who created it, and I will be the thief who tried to take advantage of you. You tell me that this company needs a strong leader like you, and an insignificant person like me will ruin it. Moreover, you want the fame and celebrity that I have because I created the social network. I sign everything, and thus begins the transfer. Now you move on to my properties, and you have made a list of everything I own: several villas around the world, including the one we are in, sports cars, a yacht, and everything else that is in the villa, including my clothes, jewelry, and my wife's belongings. She is not at home, and has entrusted everything to me because she trusts me and knows nothing about the fact that I am about to give everything to you. You tell me that you deserve everything much more than we do, and if there is something you do not like, you will give it to your friends or have fun destroying it. The cruelty with which you treat me excites me, knowing that you will do whatever you want with my properties and even take my wife's things and enjoy them. I sign everything and activate all the transfers, and you ask me to inform the bodyguard that he now works for you. You are very happy about it, and you and the bodyguard can have a lot of fun together.  You have also discovered that I have a private island in the Caribbean, exclusively owned by me. It was a secret, but you found out about it.
You ask me to gift it to you, so you can turn it into your own private queendom where you and your friends can have fun and be served by your slaves. Maybe there will be a place for me among them if I behave well. I agree and sign everything over to you. At this point, it is time to transfer all my money to you. You know that I have billions in my bank account, and you want it all for yourself. But you want to squeeze me for everything and even put me in debt. You know that I can exceed my account limit by an extra billion since I have excellent credit, and you ask me to do it. You know that I will be in debt to the bank for life, but you do not care. You want everything you can take. You also know that I can transfer my wife's funds from her account, and you ask me to send you all her money. You want her to become poor and miserable too. It amuses you greatly. I am afraid to start the transfer, but you get angry and tell me that you thought I would do anything for you. You show me your body and ask me if you do not deserve to be covered in riches. You see that I change my mind, and then you ask me to beg you to take all my money, to go into debt, and even take my wife's money. I do it, and then you accept. The bodyguard is also watching and serves as a witness. I have to enter several codes to activate all the transfers, but I do it. You tell me that I can tell my wife that you will have her clean your toilets if she behaves well. The transfer of everything takes a few minutes, and as a reward, you allow me to masturbate for you. But first, I have to take off all my clothes. They are yours now. Maybe you will burn them later, but you do not want me to keep them. You ridicule me for how now you are one of the richest women in the world, and I have become the loser I have always been. You will enjoy the good life and high society, and you will be respected and feared by everyone.
You tell me that with those billions, if I wasn't such a loser, I could have even asked you to have sex with me, and you would have thought about it. But I am such a big loser that I gave everything to you for nothing. The phone rings, and it is the company's vice president. You order me to confirm to him that everyone in the company must take orders from you now. I hang up, and another call comes in. It is the bank. They ask me if I confirm the money transfer, and you tell me to say yes. They are trying to convince me to back out, but you order me to confirm everything, including the extra billion and the transfer of my wife's account, and not to stop the operation for any reason. You laugh and realize that the money has arrived in your bank account. You are now a multi-billionaire. I am still masturbating, and my wife calls. You order me to take the call and tell her that we are broke, deeply in debt, and that if we want to survive, we will have to live as slaves for you. I do it, and at this point, you order me to come to you. You have everything I had, and I have nothing. You still find it hard to believe how easy it was. You order the bodyguard to kick me out of your house, and then you will have fun.”

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