Dreamgirls In Socks - Averys Sporty Feet

Added: 18-12-2023

Avery just got back from a long workout at the gym, so she was definitely in the mood for someone to take care of her feet after her feet had been in her hot sneakers all day! It looks like you are the lucky one! She wore the same pair of white socks for a few days in a row on top of that, so let’s see if you can handle that strong smell from her feet! She takes pleasure in teasing you with her sneakers on, before taking them off to make you sniff the inside of her sneakers! She makes you breathe deeply in her sneakers, before having the honor seeing her cover your face with her sweaty white socks! The smell of her socks was really intense after her long workout, and after wearing them a few days in a row, but she wants you to smell them and just enjoy that strong smell of her socks! Avery also wants you to lick and clean the bottom of her sweaty socks, before taking them off to cover your face again, but this time with her sweaty bare feet! She makes you breathe real deep into her feet, and makes you lick the sweaty bottoms of her soles! She wants you to lick and clean the bottom fo her bare feet with your tongue from heel to toe, and also suck her toes like a good slave! She also wants to feel your wet, juicy tongue, right between each of her toes, while you jerk off at the same time! She knows how much you would love to cum all over her sweaty bare feet! Make sure you do not disappoint her!
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