Princess Miki Aoki - Edged And Blue Balled - Mental Chastity

Added: 15-10-2023

You keep coming back over, and over, and over again to stroke. There’s so much porn in the world — and so many jerk off instructions where you are permitted to cum — but you keep finding yourself here, despite knowing that you’re going to be denied.

And yes, for the first portion of this clip, you may stroke for Me at a steady, controlled pace.

Why volunteer to be frustrated? Why volunteer to be left with blue balls? It’s because what turns you on most is losing control. You love getting weaker for Me, and you know that by remaining horny for Me, My influence over you grows.

And that’s why you love to be denied.

But do you know what’s better than edging and orgasm denial, if losing control is what you crave most? Chastity.

Being metaphorically locked up through mental chastity, being denied of even touching your achy, throbbing, leaky cock is what gives Me full control over you. Doesn’t that sound kind of hot? To be helplessly turned on without the ability to touch yourself, growing weaker and weaker for Me by the minute.

I want to bring you to the edge of orgasm. Be careful… but I want you to get there. And that’s when you will take your hand off your cock while continuing to watch Me.

For the remainder of the clip, it’s no touching. This is a little demonstration of the beautiful ache of blue balls and chastity.

I have a feeling you might enjoy it.
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