Humiliation Pov - Goddess Gracie Haze - CFNM To Cure Premature Ejaculators

Added: 23-10-2023

You are so fucking pathetic. Not only are you a hand humping porn addict, but you're also a premature ejaculator, a pathetic fucking premie! LOL! And the truth is you were a premature ejaculator long before you were a chronic masturbator. You have been a premature ejaculator for so fucking long. In fact, your premature ejaculation issue is what turned into a chronic porn addict, a total fucking hand humping loser. You used to try to fuck girls, right? But you would cum so fast! LOL! And the girls were always so disappointed, it was completely humiliating for you. So you decided at that point that you were going to stop trying to fuck women because it was just so fucking humiliating how fast you blew your load every fucking time. And having to see the disappointment on their faces, it was fucking humiliating. So you just stopped fucking and you become a premature ejaculating jerkoff loser LOL!

You're so fucking pathetic. And then you turned to pictures on the internet of sexy girls and then to porn and each time you would cum in just a few seconds LOL! Your premature ejaculation, it just kept getting worse. Stopping fucking women didn't really help you at all. It prevented minor humiliation because now you're alone, but the issue never went away. In fact, the more you jerked off to porn online, the faster you came each time. It's so fucking humiliating.

So I decided that today I would help you with your premature ejaculation issue. I decided to be fully dressed in this cute little dress. But I still look hot and flirty. And I'm going to let you jerkoff to me fully dressed while I mock you and I encourage you to jerk. Do you think you can last any longer looking at a fully dressed girl? Yea I didn't think so LOL! Your premature ejaculation problem is so bad that you can't control it even with a girl that's fully dressed. How pathetic! No ass or titties out. Just a cute dress that you'd see every day. Are you already pumping your cock? Trying to control it? You can't control it, it's only getting worse lol! You're such a fucking premie! I'll bet you've already fucking cum LOL! You try to control it but you can't, it's not working, even with me fully dressed!

You're a chronic masturbating premature ejaculator LOL! It's fucking humiliating. It's so embarrassing. You can't even last when I'm fully dressed! How fucking humiliating that you can't even last with your own hand?! I mean I can almost understand pussy because it feels so fucking good, but your hand??? I'm not even naked and you're still struggling so hard not to cum. LOL! You are so fucking pathetic! Your premature ejaculation, it's humiliating. You're never ever going to be with a woman, no, you're going to a chronic porn addict for life because you can't even last with a girl that's fully fucking dressed. You have zero control over that pathetic fucking cock, do you?

You can't even last for one minute of jerking your cock!?!? You could never fucking last! I'm not even in lingerie, I'm fully fucking dressed yet you still can't hold that fucking load lol! How humiliating! Your life, it's so fucking pathetic. You can't fix this, you're broken, you will always be a chronic masturbating premature ejaculator. A fucking porn addict that can't even hold his load. You are such a pathetic combination of a porn addict and a chronic masturbator and it's only going to get worse LOL!

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