Cruel Girlfriend - Jaye Rose - CEI O Gagged And Funnelled

Added: 21-10-2023

Look at you all chained up in that uncomfortable position with an O-Gag and Funnel in your mouth! Haha - any idea what humiliating ordeal is CUMMING your way today loser? Aw I know you hate that feeling of shame and regret as soon as you cum and no matter how hot or how dominant the girl giving you your cum eating instruction is - you still end up backing out of swallowing your beta-load. Not today loser. Today you're going to eat your cum and there's going to be no backing out. You're gonna be chained up in the standard legs-over-your-head loser position. Your ankles are going to be chained over your head and your neck will be collared and leashed to make sure you're kept in place. Finally you'll wear a big O-Gag and a funnel in your mouth and taped into place - you won't be able to miss a drop! So let's look at your options loser. You can choose not to cum at all I guess but if you want to cum - it's going down that funnel. Your beta-loser juice is going to drain down that funnel, into your wide open, O-gagged mouth and you'll have no choice but to swallow. Your mouth is going fill with your own slime and this time there's no option but to gulp it all down. Up until now you've jerked your loser-load into your own face or even into your mouth and then chickened out and spat it all back out haven't you - weakling? That's not an option now. With your neck fastened in place and your ankles chained up over your head you'll either **** on your own cum or you'll swallow your pride and swallow your load... Then you can worry about how you're gonna escape.
Jaye Rose
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