Cruel Girlfriend - Jaye Rose - Humiliated Until You Cry

Added: 21-10-2023

I'd love to see you crying with shame and. Breaking a loser with a whip or is easy but causes a completely different kind of fear and pain. I've beaten guys to the point of tears so many times but finding the right to get a loser to the same point is much harder. So today I'm going to put you through more and more - increasing your shame and embarrassment until you can't take any more and cry. What will be the most intense for you? Is it just verbal? Does the thought of being ridiculed and mocked by multiple girls terrify you? How about public? you to debase yourself in front of strangers or being taken to a busy mall all dressed up in a frilly sissy outfit. Or do I have to get my real man to help humiliate you too? Would you cry if my real man belittled you right in front of me? Just imagine a day in which it ALL happens! Where me and my bratty friends make you strip while we laugh and giggle at you - where we get you dressed up in the most ridiculous girlie outfit and drag you to the mall for EVERYONE to see. Then when we get home you'll kneel in front of my real man and all my mean-girl girlfriends and beg to suck his alpha cock. If all that isn't enough to make you cry like a little faggot, when my man covers your shame-red face with his thick load while we're all laughing at you and recording your total emasculation on our phones you're bound to have tears rolling down your cum-drenched cheeks.
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