Cruel Girlfriend - Jaye Rose - Youre Next Cuckold

Added: 21-10-2023

The look on your poor beta-coward face when you hear the terrifying words 'You're Next Cuckold' from the real man who's fucking your girlfriend is priceless.  Love it when my man mentally torments you like that. It must be enough for you to be kneeling next to our bed all locked up in your chastity device while my alpha fucks me so hard. Then when he's roughly bending your girlfriend into all his favourite positions he looks over at you, trembling meekly - too afraid to tell him to stop fucking your girlfriend and he barks at you that you are next! That's right cuckold. Once my real man is done totally exhausting me, he's going to drag you up onto the bed to treat you exactly the same as me! You've had to kneel passively waiting for him to finish with me, before he decides to show your girlfriend exactly why he's the alpha and you're the beta. He's going to fuck you right in front of me and he's going to treat you like his personal fuck-doll. Your mouth and your ass will be his to use in whatever way he chooses. What he did to me is going to be nothing compared to what he does to you! He's going to make sure I can NEVER see you the same way ever again. He's going to fuck every last remains of your manhood out of you - emasculating you right in front of me. What's going to feel worse cuckold - watching him use me and throw me around the bed like a slut, when he tells you you're going to be next and you realise he's going to destroy your status in my world forever or when you feel his cum fill your ass and you know you'll never be a man ever again!
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