Humiliation POV - Princess Miki - Delete It and Buy It Again - Each Time Will Get Hotter (Brand New Remix!)

Added: 01-10-2023

Princess Miki - The Preview Has Sound! It's going to fuck you up so bad, you'll need it lol! Just look at how fucking hot Princess Miki looks, you know you're fucked! You Princess Miki addicts will need this, it's been so long, hasn't it? Pay her over and over again, show her just how stupid you are for her lol!
This is a brand new remix of one of Miki's best clips! Intense visual effects with triggers have been added and the audio has been completely remixed! This is a mindrinsing audio with heavy repetition and echoing effects and subliminal messaging. You will be mindrinsed to buy this clip over and over and over again. And you're going to delete it and buy it again, do you know why? Because each time you delete it and buy it and watch it again, it will be so much hotter lol!The point of this clip is to get you to pay for the same clip, this clip, over and over again. Because feeling as stupid as possible is what turns you on. Your cock just throbs the more stupid you feel. You're so stupid aren't you? Jerk your stupid cock as you think about how much you've spent on this clip and why. You love being manipulated and fucked over. And you love wasting all of your money on it.
You love blowing all your cash to feel stupid, and you know that you're so fucking stupid for that feeling. And it's not just being told that you're stupid, you love doing stupid things. That is what turns you on the most. And yes of course I'm taking advantage of your addiction to being manipulated. Why wouldn't I? You are easy prey. All I have to do is remind you of what turns you on the most and that makes you even hornier. I wanna see how many times you're going to buy this clip and you're going to buy this clip over and over again, because you need to pay to fully experience it. You need to pay to feel stupid.
Each time you spend your hard earned cash on the same experience that you already paid for, you're going to feel so fucking stupid and that's so fucking hot, isn't it loser? Keep jerking. Now how many times do you think you're going buy this? How many times do you think you're going to crave the experience of being utterly humiliated financially? It's going to add up and each time the total grows, you're going to be so turned on. And that's why you won't stop. You have to pay for more and more because that's part of the experience of sexualizing your own stupidity.
You're such an idiot. You love jerking and being reminded of your stupidity. And you'll feel it more and more, each time you watch it again. The intensity will build. You're going to make yourself feel so low, and paying for it. And do you know what? I don't care, I don't care about you at all. All I care about is that I make you feel as stupid as possible so that I can milk as much cash out of you as possible. That's the only reason why I'm paying attention to you right now, telling you all the right things that make your cock twitch.
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