Sloansmoans - Spying On Mommy 4K

Added: 15-12-2023

CUSTOM FOR SHAUN: Watch as I come up to you one night as you're standing in the hallway. I begin to talk about how late it is and how you should be in bed and then I realize that you're actually spying on step-mommy getting fucked and... you're jerking off?! I can't believe it! I'm somewhat intrigued and I keep looking down at your cock as I then realize that watching step-mommy fuck is actually really hot. I put my hand down my jean shorts and start playing with my pussy and I look at you naughtily and ask you if you want sissy to help yank your dick, to which you reply, YES (of course). I start jerking your cock as I rub my pussy and watch step-mommy ride and grind on that dick. I talk dirty about how naughty we're being and how I didn't know step-mommy fucked like that. I see you're getting really into it and I have to tell you multiple times to be quiet! I notice that you start staring at me and my body and so I tease you by showing off my tits and ass and dirty talking about how you love sissy's body. You're getting harder and harder and I tell you that we should cum soon. I start asking you if you want to cum for sissy's cunt and telling you how sissy wants your cum. You explode all over my cunt and my jean shorts and I'm so surprised at how much you came. I pull my shirt over my tits and pull my shorts up tell you not to stay up too late... enjoy me, xo ROLE
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