Kaidence King - Step Daddy buttplug orgasms

Added: 17-04-2024

This was originally a custom video but no names were used. Want your own? Visit for more information!
In this video, I wear just my black faux leather catsuit and a black push up bra. I walk into the room and tell you I know you got a boner seeing me and my girlfriends in our sexy outfits at the party downstairs, step-daddy. So Ive got a little surprise for you. I tell my girlfriends to tie you down and I put an inflatable ball gag in your mouth and pump it a few times. I tell you I know you want to cum, and I do too, so I put a little vibrator in my pussy and leave it there. I tell you Ive got a little challenge for you. My girlfriends are going to stroke and suck you non-stop, but youre not allowed to cum unless I count you down and get to zero. If you succeed, you get a big nice orgasm. But if you fail, ill train you to be my obedient cum puppet and slave. You also get a little surprise if you fail. I start teasing you with my body and telling my girlfriends what to do to you to make you cum. I count down and lose count on purpose so that you can’t cum, then I tease you more. Then I count you down properly and tell you to cum on our faces. But you cum when I get to 2, not zero. So, you get my surprise, because you failed. I get out an inflatable butt plug. You know where this belongs right? No, not in my pussy, it belongs right in your ass, pressing against your prostate to get even more cum out of you. I put it inside you. Wow your eyes getting so big and your dick is even bigger and harder than before! Girls, let’s milk him over and over again until his balls are completely empty and hes ours. For about 15 minutes, I tease you with my body, pump the buttplug up, talk dirty, give my girlfriends instructions etc, all to make you cum. You cum several times when I count you down, each time I beg you to cum on our faces. After you’ve cum a few times, I sit on your chest while my girlfriends continue to suck your dick and I continue to pump the butt plug up. Then I lie on you, cuddling you, face and tits visible. I pump the plug up and moan with pleasure, telling you that the little vibrating toy in my pussy is going to make me cum. Let’s cum together step-daddy! I count us down and we both cum. I smile and tell you that the session isn’t over yet. Girls, keep on milking him, I need a little rest. I smile, blow you a kiss, suck my finger sexily, then leave.
Length of actual video not including credits/titles: 26:02
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