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I've taken away your horn. Its just what you deserve. In fact, its what ALL men deserve.
This is a custom clip. I've been told I can be a stern and assertive wife. So what? So what if I've been teasing you for weeks with no sexual relief? Early on in our marriage, I told you that if I ever caught you cheating, Id take some scissors and cut off your penis. And yes, masturbation is cheating! Today's been an difficult one for you. I've been exercising in my black tights, you know the kind that covers everything from my waist to my toes. I know you have a major pantyhose fetish, and whenever you see me like this, you get an erection that's about to explode. These particular tights drive you especially crazy because they're thick, opaque, and utterly impenetrable the perfect thing to wear when I'm looking to completely devastate you with tease and denial.Finally, when your balls feel like exploding, you run off to the shower for a wank. Unfortunately for you, I know exactly what you're up to. So before you can even finish, I open the bathroom door and catch you in the act, just before you can cum.Now comes every mans worst nightmare. You're trapped, alone, wet and naked. And there I stand, still sexy as hell in my black tights. But this time, I'm holding a pair of scissors in my hand. I grab you by the penis, pull it tight, and place the blades right at the base.I told you what would happen if I ever caught you masturbating. And here you are: jerking like a horny school boy. Well I'm about to solve this little problem once and for all. And with that, I snip the scissors closed, and your manhood comes off in my hand. That should teach you a lesson. If you thought you had blue balls before, wait until you see what life is like now. You have no penis. You have no way to cum. Now when I parade around you in my black tights you'll still get horny. But you'll have no way to relieve yourself. Women should just tease them, get them all excited, then cut off your penises. Every one of them. Then Torment you with blue balls forever."
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