Goddess Celine - Bedroom Punishment

Added: 24-11-2022

You are a 40 year old businesswoman. You have been noticing this one boy on your travels home on the train. You are aroused by him. You want him and you start stalking him. You know exactly what time he leaves the train and where his home is. You also find out that he is under a foster care system.
So one day you go up to the house when you know that he is already home. You know that he will be alone for the next 4 hours. You ring the bell. He opens. "Hi dear boy. I am Maggie from the social care department and just wanted to check on you and see if you are well"... "Can i come in"... the boy hesitates but then lets you.
You then walk around in your nice ruched dress in high heels (open toes) and keep pacing in the small house. "How old are you?" "Oh My bad - I should have known. I am a lot older than you, unmarried and hate men but i love boys... especially boys like you. And there is so many things I want to do to them"... Boy then asks innocently.. what kind of things? Oh like arts and craft and teach you languages and sports. You know....
You then can't take it anymore. you are getting v horny and start touching yourself... You ask where is the toilet. He points to the toilet. and you smile and walk towards him. "stepMa'am it is the other side!"... "Oh really... i think i know where the toilet is...." What you mean?
Come on boy... didn't anyone tell you not to let strangers into the house ? you really thought i was a social care worker ? look at my dress!!! i don't even know your name but i do know what i am going to do to you.... He looks v scared....
you approach him and you pull up your skirt and shove his head into your pussy and facefuck him. oh yes yes. i am going to fuck a ... and then you feel lall over his face. he resists, cries and tries to run away
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