Ceara Lynch - Babysitter Blackmail

Added: 28-12-2021

The dangerously cute B*** sitter wants to talk with you one on one. You have no idea what its about but a little shiver goes through your prick at the thought of being alone with her. She tells you shes so happy to work for you and your wife. Also, that she knows your attracted to her. She catches you checking her out and trying to look up her skirt. You are embarrassed, until she admits that she likes you too! Even better, she tells you she has a "thing" for teasing old men and watching him stroke off. This is too good to be true! Getting sexy peaks at the hot babysitter without the guilt of cheating! You pull out your cock at her command. She flips up her skirt, showing off her pink panties and telling you how to stroke it. You are so turned on. She pulls down her tight tank top revealing her black bra. Just as your mind is spinning, she tells you another secret: she knows about your "nanny cam." She pulls out the video camera youve secretly been taping her with and begins taping YOU. You're way too horny to care, or maybe the thought of being outed makes it that much more exciting? Either way you cant stop stroking. You finally explode and she turns off the camera. Suddenly her sweet flirty demeanor has changed. A vindictive, evil look sweeps her face and suddenly is sinks in how screwed you are. This video tape could destroy your marriage. She tells you she wants a huge raise - something a long the lines of $200/hr. You are floored, you dont know what to say. This little bitch has you buy the balls.

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