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Added: 28-12-2021

This video was a custom.
"Please wear your black catsuit. make sure it's really VERY TIGHT AND SHINY. today you have a special plan for me. I love to eat my own cum but when I do I get so horny that I cum so fast. this time you will not allow me to cum early. instead you are going to make me work up the biggest load I've ever had. just so I could unleash it all over my face. Try not to be mean, but encouraging. Call me good boy throughout the clip. Present your body wrapped in latex. Rub with your hands along the shiny rubber. You know I love latex but what I love more is my own cum. I am obsessed with cum. When I watch porn I always am focused on the cumshot. The bigger the better. I want to be a cumdumpster. Make me start and stop jerking off. Make me edge. When I’m too close you tell me to slap myself in the face. Tell me how big my load is going to be and how good it's going to taste. Make me take the loser position, my legs over my head and my dick pointing at my face. I am wearing nerdy glasses and you want me to cover them and my whole face with my shiny sticky cum. Give me a countdown. When you're at zero tell me to glaze my faggot face. give me 15 seconds to unload, then tell me I should look at you. you start giggling. you’re amazed how much cum is on my face. it's so shiny. tell me to go look in the mirror then come back. now the best part. you tell me to scoop up all the cum and shove it in my mouth. then swallow it all. tell me I'm a good cum eating boy."

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