Miss Alika White - 7 Days of Control D2

Added: 27-12-2021

Today’s clips:
On day 1 I split you losers into two groups for your week of control depending on something you’ve done in the past. You still need to follow the rules of that group but I’m also splitting you into two new groups today.
Today’s split will be based on something you’ve done very recently. If you’ve done what I want, you’ll get to worship my ass in today’s video. If not, you’ll only be allowed to look at my feet. Ass worship is for losers who serve me well. Foot worship is for losers who don’t even deserve to see my clothed ass. Let’s see if you’re worthy of worshiping my ass.
7 Days of Control:
This is your first step to being owned by me for the next 7 days. Wouldn’t you like that loser boy?
I’m going to expect a lot from you, so let’s see how far you make it. Will you be one of the obedient ones who completes every task? This is your chance to show me that you will obey everything I say. No dipping in and out of the bits you do and don’t like. Doing things you don’t want to do is real submission. I’m so far out of your league that if you can’t do everything you’re told, I have no interest in your existence.
I’ll be giving you a big variety of tasks this week. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and how to be a better slave.
To start the week, I’ll be dividing you losers into two groups who will serve me in very different ways depending on… well you’ll have to find out.
Now, get this clip now and for the rest of the week, you’re mine.

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