Olivia Rose - Homewrecked Foot Bet

Added: 27-12-2021

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"You bet my wife that you can make any man cheat on them. You can break him, make him fall in lust with you. She swears up and down that her husband is completely faithful and would never look at another woman, nor would he ever stroke to anyone else. So you make a bet with her that you can make him cheat. Not only will he cheat, but he'll also come for you. She accepts the bet having faith in her husband. ...... What she doesn't know is you're a Femdom Mesmerize specialist. And you intend to enslave him forever, take any memories of her away and put yourself in there and take her home, money, and everything else she owns. He comes into the room. You tell him about the bet that his wife made and how faithful she thinks he will remain faithful but that you've never lost a bet. You find out he has a fetish for pantyhose feet and legs. As you are dangling your shoe, you begin to seduce him. He will try and resist you, but you soon break him and tell him as soon as your shoe drops, he will be completely mesmerized, under YOUR SPELL, and in LUST with your legs, feet, and toes covered in pantyhose and with an overwhelming desire to stroke for them, ..(can you please dangle for about a minute or so before you drop your heel.).You can see him getting weaker and weaker and becoming more aroused for your feet as you take your other heel off, and so you sensually convince him it's okay to stroke for your feet. You tell him once he starts, it will feel so good he will not stop. Very sensually, you lean in a while, putting your toes in his face and whispering "good boy" as he begins to stroke.... and that all he has to do is SAY STOP and you will.. or would you rather inhale the sweet aroma of my toes? Forgetting about his loyalty to his wife begins to inhale your feet..tell him, "You'll never want to stroke for your wife again, only for me," You now make him get on his knees and worship your feet as you point your toes in his face and tell him there's nothing he can do to reverse this spell. He is now compelled to stroke for you.., he now has an overwhelming desire to kiss your arches and toes, and once he does not be able to stop and he will be completely Mesmerized and begin to make him your slave, as you sensually point your toes in his face and whisper to the husband, again, "you can stop at any time you want, again all he has to do is say STOP, or would you rather inhale more of my feet and kiss my toes." You tell him your pheromones are filling his brain, making him more aroused. He doesn't want to stop inhaling.., but Encouraging him to continue to stroke, and now he's begging to come for you, you tell him, "you can't stop stroking now, can you," he will no longer want to stroke for his wife but only for you now. His new fetish for your feet and legs in nylons are more important than his wife, you tell him he can barely remember her name as he lusts for your feet and toes forever..,..and when he comes he will belong to you.. and now you begin erasing any memory of his wife and oh you also forgot to tell her that you will be enslaving him for life. When he cums, He belongs to you now and has no memory of his wife or stepdaughter, only you and only wanting to worship your feet and toes forever. Now you tell him that there are a woman and Step-Daughter in YOUR MANSION, and they need to get out!"

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