Janira Wolfe - Did you Really Think This Was a Normal Relationship

Added: 26-12-2021

you recently started dating this really hot, younger Woman, Janira Wolfe, so you decided to take Her on a vacation to spoil Her... and in hopes that She'll finally have sex with you.
you just checked into the hotel, and are sitting reading when Janira walks out of the bathroom, dressed in a sexy dress and heels, and asks you if She looks like She's trying too hard.  Of course you tell Her She looks amazing, and ask where Y/you're going.  
your new Girlfriend laughs and responds that you are not going anywhere-- She is going to meet up with that hot guy She was talking to down at the bar.
you're confused and speechless.  Janira sees the confusion on your face, and asks you if you really thought that this was some kind of "normal" relationship where She will eventually have sex with you and stop seeing other men.  As She points out the ridiculousness of this assumption, you realize that of course it was outrageous to assume this gorgeous Woman could ever be into you in that way!
As Janira begins to explain to you the reality of your relationship with Her, She gets a text from the guy She's about to meet and immediately starts texting him.  Thankfully for you, She does feel slightly bad for your pathetic confusion, and decides to let you jerk off to Her feet while She texts the stud She's about to meet.
The humiliation once you get to your knees at your new Girlfriend's feet only gets worse as She receives a photo of tonight's bull's enormous cock while making you use two fingers to stroke your tiny dicklett... and then decides to involve you in their date by using your credit card to pay for dinner and then bringing Her bull back for you to watch them fuck!
Buy the clip for the hot, humiliating cuckolding experience, incorporating elements of foot humiliation, verbal humiliation, small penis humiliation, financial domination, laughing, female domination, and ending in an embarrassing premature ejaculation as your girlfriend clarifies your role in the relationship.

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