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Added: 23-12-2021

*Contains flashing lights!*
Hello, My little gooning slave.
I knew that you would come to Me today… I had a feeling that your weakness would overcome you. I had a feeling that your desire would be too much to resist. I know how badly you want to stroke that beta cock.
And Me, being the generous Goddess that I am, will allow you to stroke today.
You want to fuck your hand, don’t you? Of course. You’re a gooner. Obsessed with jerking off to FemDom porn. You think about masturbating when you wake up, while you’re at work, when you go to bed, all the time! You think about sneaking off to pump when you’re socializing, you ache to escape to the bathroom and secretly jerk that loser dick, don’t you?
You’ve struggled with these urges. You feel powerless to your desires. Weak. Obsessed. Addicted. And the truth is, you really are powerless to these urges.
It’s like you were meant for this lifestyle. Meant to spend all your time, energy and money on a powerful Goddess like Me, gooning your life away. But you resent it, don’t you?
After spending day after day, paycheck after paycheck, sleepless night after sleepless night. You’ve started to HATE it. I want you to embrace that hatred. I want you to hate fuck your hand, right now. Hate fuck it hard.
Pump your loser beta dick as hard as you can, feel the hatred and shame filling your body. It isn’t normal to spend all your time jerking off, but you can’t help it.
You’re addicted. You hate it, but you can’t stop.
And you’ll never be able to stop.
So go ahead. Fuck your hand. Hate fuck your hand. Embrace it, loser.
Doesn’t that feel good? Yeah. I know. You hate this so much that it’s actually really hot, isn’t it?
This is all that you want. This is all that you need.
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