Goddess Alessa - Ready Steady

Added: 21-12-2021

CUSTOM CLIP (one name was used throughout)
I am a new slave in training. I have sought you out because you look like my friend Kimberly. You tell me that for today only I am to imagine you're Kimberly so that I will be more receptive to accelerated beta training. You have me strip and masturbate. You make fun of my tiny penis. You suggest that in the past Kimberly only let me jerk off to her because my penis was too small for sex with her. You remind me of the one time she let me put my tiny dick inside her, but she stopped before I could cum. After that I was only occasionally allowed to masturbate to her. You remind me that I can pretend you're Kimberly, but that you will make me do things she couldn't even imagine. You have me suck on your toes and tell me to imagine they are Kimberly's toes, but then you tell me to imagine they are tiny cocks. You explain that with a dicklet so tiny I am useless to women and should service sissies and Alpha cocks. You will train me for this. You have me worship your pussy and breasts telling me that after today pussy will be off limits. I won't even be able to see a naked woman. Only cocks and gay porn. You have me insert a butt plug and put on panties as we continue. You flash your nipples saying they look just like Kimberly's. But what is really identical to Kimberly is your beautiful butt. You count me down with CEI (I will always eat my cum from here on out) while I worship your ass. You pull down your panties to Expose-Fantasy it like in the beginning of the Petroleum video as I cum.I am excited to see what you create with this. I loved the way you showed your perfect derriere in the beginning of the Petroleum video and was hoping you could do something similar near the end of this custom. I also loved the hints of nipple in the Cock Propaganda video and would love if you could do something like that as well. I have really enjoyed the videos I have purchased so far from you. And you really do look very much like a friend of mine which makes everything even more erotic. : )

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