Nicole Nabors - Giantess mom

Added: 19-12-2021

Back story: You shrink when you aroused, you have controlled it for most of your life until now, when your hormones are going crazy. It has driven you to do some crazy stuff lately. Now: You sniff your moms panties and this causes your hormones to go crazy. You shrink to the floor and fall into her dirty clothes basket. She walks in on the phone with your dad. He's had a stressful day at work. Your mom tells him she's gonna help him release some stress. Your looking out from her laundry basket as she starts having phone sex with your dad. She slowly strips off her clothes and masturbates unknowingly your watching. After they finish she sees what she thinks is a bug in her dirty clothes squeaking. To her surprise its you! She can't believe you were sniffing her panties again! And that you seen her masturbate infront of you! But she feels bad for you know that you could never been with a real woman, you'd get crushed when you shrink. She takes you over to her bed and gives you a body tour to fulfill your fantasy. You end up in her pubes. She then hears your dad storm in from work! Oh no you gotta hide! Hide in my pubes and be quiet!... Your dad is fucking your mom while your hiding in her pubes! Then your dad cums all in her pubes, and your swimming in cum! Your mom finds you after your dad leaves the room and sees that you enjoyed it! Your her little cuck boy!

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