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Added: 18-12-2021

"What I had in mind was a video combining elements of Chastity Torment, Imposed-Bi, Tease and Denial, Cum Eating, Gay Humiliation, and Pussy-Free Lifestyle.
There are very few clips available that use chastity/tease and denial to encourage someone into homosexual acts.
How badly would I humiliate myself to make you happy? Would I kiss a cock? Yes, for you i would. Would I put it in my mouth? Maybe. Would I suck on it? That might take some encouragement.
After some time in chastity, being teased and tormented and constantly denied, I'd be ready to do nearly anything for my Goddess. Anything to touch Her, to worship Her. I'd suck an army of dicks for the chance to taste her...
Ideally, I'd like a video of you wearing something teasingly revealing whilst telling me that you've locked me in chastity and kept me teased and tormented so that I would be willing to do anything for you. I will always be denied, but i can earn the privilege of worshiping you (under boobs/around the panties kissing, watching you pleasure yourself, worshipping your ass, smelling your panties, etc). I can earn these rewards by sucking cock and drinking cum.
I mean, i should do it anyway. Because i love you and i want to please you. I should do it just because you asked me to. But maybe i'll get a reward if im a good boy for you.
I'll never get pussy again (yours or anyone else's). There's nothing but cock in my future. But if i please you enough, i might earn the reward of bathing you or worshiping you and frustrating myself further.
On very rare occasions, I might earn the privilege of release and orgasm. But when i do get a release, i can only pleasure myself to gay porn, and i have to eat my mess afterwards.
Also, i LOVE the idea of chastity-induced cock shrinking (there are virtually NO VIDEOS of this on C4S...BOO!) If you'd like to work that in, that'd be great. If not, I'd love to see you do something with that in the future!"

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