Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - Batgirl Turns Batman Into Her Goon

Added: 18-12-2021

Mandy Marx!

It's pretty easy to get into your lair, Batman. I know all about how to get in, I guess I didn't even need to dress as Batgirl. Oops. Did I say too much? Sit down, Batman and let's talk because I know all about that chastity fetish of yours. I heard a few things around the other evil villainess dominatrixes. You're blackmail-fantasy fetish, public humiliation, your love for gloves and skin tight shiny outfits. Naughty naughty. You have such a submissive streak, you wouldn't want me telling other people about that, would you? You wouldn't want our little secret here to get out of Wayne manor, would you? We don't have to, it can stay all right here, just Batman and Batgirl.

Batman and Mandy Marx. Don't look so surprised. You're supposed to guess these things, be thinking a couple of minutes ahead. Now I'm going to take my uniform off and I want you to strip down naked, let's see that chastity cage of yours. I wanna see that cock in its' cage. Maybe I'll take some photos and have some blackmail-fantasy ammunition. I like Wayne manor, I could spend a lot of time here. Down on your knees, naked, pathetic, lost for me. Now stroke. How does it feel being the superhero and then being knocked down? It's fun watching you tumble. The weaker you get for me, the stronger my powers grow, Batman. Get weak for me. I want you to stroke. Stroke for me. Get weaker for me. No, I'm not Batgirl, I'm your worst nightmare. Now stroke for your Goddess who could so easily out all of your secrets.

What if the entire city knew that you wore tight outfits was because you were getting off on it? What if people started to know it wasn't about crime fighting at all? It was all about Batman trying to get off. Yea stroke for me. Stroke while I take pictures of you. Keep looking pathetic. Good that's everything I need. Did you see how easy it was for me to get in? Not just in your house, but in your mind. You spend all your days thinking about jerking off and not super villains. It turns out I don't have to beat you up with all of my goons. I just have to turn you into one of mine. Stroke for me. Batman becoming my goon. I love the ring of it. I don't need them if I'm making you one of them. Stroke for me. How weak do I make you? Goon.

You look so pathetic. Stop. Put your cock away. Now your mine. I didn't make you cum, I'm not going to let you cum. Why would you defend this city when you're mine? I can bend your whim to serve me. I have Lots of pictures. How are you going to keep me happy? Keep me from releasing those? That's going to keep you busy all day. No time to jerk off thinking about how good I look in this tight outfit? No time to think about who's robbing what bank, no time for that, is there? Stay down on your knees, weak for me. Cock locked away for me. You're trapped. You're my servant. Soon you won't be Batman at all, you'll be Batboy.

It's fun demoting you. Watching your cock get hard and soft and hard again. And if you're a bad boy, then I guess the position of Batman is open again. I guess that will be me. I guess I'll wear the pants, won't I? I do look good in your utility belt.

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