Eva de Vil - Sabotaged By My Ass - Ass Worship, Mesmerize

Added: 18-12-2021

Your court date is set for tomorrow, where you have an airtight case against your wife, who you caught trying to steal all your money and assets. I’m a psychiatrist with the court, sent to assess your mental stability to testify and run you through the proceedings.

I give you a mask to try on which you’ll be wearing tomorrow to adhere to the covid regulations. Unbeknownst to you, I was actually hired by your wife to sabotage your integrity. The mask I gave you begins to have a dizzying effect on you as we get underway with the questions.

I instruct you to breathe deeply, close your eyes and focus on something calming. When you reopen them, your vision is blurred and you see my ass swaying in front of you.

I lull you into a weak dreamlike state. The longer you stare at my ass, the further you fall under my control. When I remove my skirt, you will be completely under.

Whenever you think about me or your wife, when you hear her name or even just the word “wife”, you will immediately succumb to the mental image of my beautiful ass. You will be compelled to hump whatever’s in front of you, causing you to cum within 10 seconds. You will have no control of your actions.

When you go to court tomorrow, this compulsion will completely disrupt your ability to testify. Your wife will win the case and you will accept that. Your compulsion will cause you to be institutionalised as mentally insane. You will accept that.

I wake you from the trance. I bend over to search for something and at the sight of my ass, you instantly start humping. I count you down from 10 and you cum. The reprogramming is complete.

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