Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - Lucid's Sharpie Edging Game

Added: 17-12-2021

Lucid Lavender!

Do you wanna play a game with me? Good. For this game you're going to need a sharpie. We're going to have you edge, I know that you know how to do that and that you want to do that. I mean you did buy this clip. Now do you wanna hear the fun part? Every time you edge yourself you have to draw a big heart on your body, for Me! And if you draw under a certain amount of hearts, you don't get to cum. If you do draw a certain amount then you do get to cum but you get to ruin it.And if you draw enough, you get a full orgasm! And at the end you can send me a nice picture so I can see who really did this for me and how nice you look with all those hearts on you.

Show me how much self control you have, how many times you can edge for me without cumming. Let's really try to push our limits here. I want you to get really close for me and then I want you to do it over and over and over again. And that means there will be lots of hearts lol. Hearts that will be hard to wash off and might stay there for a few days. Maybe someone will see them and ask you about them lol. I want you to do this for me because I like seeing what you'll do for me. I like seeing just how far you'll go. Drawing hearts on your body to prove that you've edged a certain number of times to prove your worth.

How many times have you edged already? Can we do one together? Edge with me. Stroke that cock, you can't stop until I tell you to. Be a good boy and hold it in for me. Keep going. Don't stop. I want it to be hard. I want you to have to hold it back. Hold it back for me so you can draw that nice heart for me. Don't you wanna cover your body in as many hearts as you can for me? Good. Stop. LOL! Now draw a pretty heart for me. I want your body so covered that you have to start putting them on your face lol. Maybe you want someone to see, maybe you want someone to ask about it, maybe that's really humiliating for you and you want it. Maybe you need to show the world just who you really are, just how devoted you are to me.

I like boys who are devoted. I like boys who show their worth, who are dedicated to their fetish, to controlling themselves for me. Now I haven't told you the number so you're going to need to strive to draw as many hearts as you can. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get to cum. Or maybe you'll be left with blue balls. And when you feel that pain you'll be reminded of me and how much you need to do better next time. Your hand so eager to push you over the edge, it's easy to give in and cum, it's harder to show self control. And that's what I'm asking of you. And then to prove that self control by sending me a picture of all those hearts on your body. Just imagine my smile when I see it and I try to count each and every heart to see how good you did.

I want you to be able to cum, I want as many hearts as possible to be drawn on your body for me. Every heart is a reminder of your dedication and your discipline. So here are your numbers. Four, if you drew four or under four well then you're kind of a disappointment and you get nothing because you didn't blow me away. If you drew six then you tried a little harder, but it's not good enough so you get a ruined orgasm. You have to ruin yourself, I'm not even going to do it for you. Maybe next time you'll do better.

Now if you had eight or more then I'm pretty pleased. I think that you tried hard for me and that's what I look for. So you get a nice big complete orgasm. I'm going to count you down because you were the boy who will edge over and over for me and draw hearts all over himself just for me. And afterwards you're going to send me that picture so I can sit on my sofa and laugh at all those little hearts Lol! Don't you feel so special that you get to cum? That a girl over the internet is allowing you to cum? I love that you earned your orgasm and I love that you're covered in hearts just for me.

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