Humiliation POV - Princess Alix Lynx - Friendzoned And Cucked

Added: 15-12-2021

Princess Alix Lynx!
Hey thanks for coming over and hanging out with me today, you know how much I truly enjoy spending time with you. And I know we're meeting up with our friends later to go out but you wanted to tell me something, right? Well what did you want to tell me? Oh wow. Oh my god. Well that's a lot. Not only do you have a crush on me but you're in love with me. Wow, you just dropped a bomb on me. Geez well first of all I thought you already knew I'm seeing someone else actually and we're happy. I'm sure that was hard for you to confess and I want you to know that I appreciate your honesty and you know that I really do care about you, right?
Oh gosh, well this is a bit uncomfortable but I hope it doesn't change anything, we can still be friends, right? We've been close for such a long time and I really wouldn't want this to change anything between us. But.. well.. I do have a weird idea and I want you to keep an open mind. Just hear me out. Well if you really want to, and I know it's not the same thing but well, me and my boyfriend, we're kinda kinky and we have great sex and if you're open to it, well maybe you could just watch us? Actually now that I think about it, that sounds really hot.
We could fuck on the bed and you could find a comfy spot in the corner and just watch us. I mean you would want to see me get fucked, wouldn't you? And well, you could even jerkoff while you watch. I know it's not really what you wanted but it could be fun. If you want to have some sexual satisfaction through me I'd say that's a pretty good solution. C'mon it would be so much fun and nobody would have to know, I promise I won't tell anyone in our friend group.
Yes? Really? Awesome! Oh my god this is going to be so hot. But wait, you do understand that by agreeing to this, that makes you my cuck? And you do know what a cuck is, right? It means that you can watch but not touch. And it means you have other responsibilities. Like you'd have to clean my sheets when we're done, you'll do my laundry and his laundry, and maybe even get us food. Oh and you'd also have to buy us presents. You'll be like my pseudo boyfriend and you'll be like the boyfriend to my boyfriend. I know that you have what it takes to be my cuckold and now I kinda really want that.
I kinda can't wait to watch you just sitting in the corner jerking off and I know you can't wait to see me naked. I know you've wanted to see my tis for so long. And since we've come to an agreement, I guess I can at least show them to you. I mean they are perfect. And that's just a taste of what you'll get to see. You'll get to see me fully naked, sucking his cock and fucking him. And while I'm fucking him I'll look down at you and watch you stroking your cock to us. Doesn't that sound hot? I'm so excited for this!
Now I do need to confirm this with my boyfriend but I'm sure he'll be ok with it because we do love to get kinky. I'm pretty wild and this will really spice up our sex life. I'm kinda so glad that you told me all of this. If you hadn't, you never would have become my cuck and I think that is the perfect role for you. I do know you very well and the more I think about it, the more I realize that you were a cuck all along. Now not only do I still have my friend, but I have my very own cuckold.

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