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Added: 14-12-2021

Note from Lexi Luxe: Make sure you’re sitting/laying comfortably in a dark room. To enhance the full experience, ensure you have your favourite pair of headphones.You are strung out on powerful women like me. You can no longer think for yourself. You live and breath submission and handing over total control to me, is the ultimate dream.I want you to embrace this whole experience, that it is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a fantasy that you want to become real. You are so aware of my of power and my presence, that there is no choice but to drop to your knees and give into me….Total Power Exchange.I want to intensify your cravings for me, for femdom porn, to have you worshipping me, like you have never worshipped before. To completely lose yourself in this erotic ecstacy.Goon for mePump fasterEdge onlyBut don’t cumI make your cock so incredibly hard that you have no choice but to stroke and send. I have trained you into the perfect gooner, the ultimate worshipper. You know exactly how to please yourself but ultimately, you know how to please me.Give it up.Hand it overTotal Power Exchange* F I N D O M *My most obedient and favourite financial subs will use markup code ‘LEXILUXEADDICTION’ 1000% at checkout.LEXI25 - 25%LEXI50 - 50%LEXI100 - 100%LEXI500 - 500%* C U S T O M C L I P *I was featured in The Sun newspaper for being the best custom clip creator in the UK. I can fulfil your ultimate fantasy, in just one custom. Want to direct your very own custom clip featuring Me? Order via my profile.I also offer custom photo sets which can be found on ‘Add Ons’ on the custom form.* F A N C L U B*Subscribe to my fan club for exclusive content.DMs are open to chat. 4 x full femdom clips per month. Exclusive treats + more!* W O R S H I P L E X I L U X E . C O M ** C A S H T R I B U T E * Sending me a tribute shows your appreciation for me and my content. Do you want to get my attention and a personal message from me? Then send!!! $$$$* S O C I A L M E D I A *Follow Me on Twitter: @LexiLuxe_** M I S S L E X I L U X E . C O M **

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