Rebelle Hart - SPH Mantras - Femdom Pov

Added: 14-12-2021

All my little dicked losers are in luck today. I know how much you loved the last SPH Affirmations clip I made for you so just imagine the vile and humiliating things I am going to make you say about your little fucking dicklet next LOL.

Get naked, get on your knees, and put your micro dick in your hand because it is time for some affirmations. As you say them you will feel your willpower draining from your body as my words seep into your soul. You will be filled with shame about your pathetic penis as you say the degrading words out loud as I laugh in your face. It will be delicious for me and brutal for you. You fucking love when beautiful girls humiliate you and I am the best at it. I am constantly using my fingers to illustrate how small you really are. I want to drill into your mind what a loser you are, so I make the loser symbol whenever you deserve it, which is a lot!

But it is not enough for you to just say these affirmations. Not at all. You must also write them down in a tip note sent to me. If you can't please a woman with your itty bitty clitty, you must please her with your money. It is the only way for a small dicked beta loser like you. I want you to feel my power over you as you type them, and press send. Alpha and I will be crying laughing when we read through the tip notes. That’s right, I show Alpha everything! Not only are you degrading yourself before me, but you are also doing it before a man with a giant cock! I love how I am so cute that I can make you do and say literally anything I want. You are helpless against me. I have you completely mesmerized.

By the time you finish saying, paying, and typing all the mantras your minuscule dick will be rock hard, your ego will be destroyed, and your wallet will be emptied. Just the way I like you LOL.

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