Humiliation POV - Rebelle Hart - Your Addiction Is Ruining You But You’re Too Stupid To Stop - Femdom Pov

Added: 12-07-2021

Hey loser, you really are stupid, aren't you? You know you're addiction to me, the one you can't fucking help, well, it's ruining your fucking life lol. And even though you know it's destroying your life, you're too fucking stupid to stop. I'm completely tearing apart the life you've built for yourself but you just can't help yourself around me. You just keep coming back and you're not even sure why. You're just obsessed with me. Just look at my tight little body in this outfit, you can't take your eyes off of me. And you know you could never get a girl like me in your real life. So here you are, jerking it for me like an idiot, night after night, completely fucking addicted. All you do is jerk and pay, you really are fucking pathetic sitting there jerking your cock to me night after night all alone in your room. You're so stupid! What a fucking loser you are!
And you know that if you're going to jerk it to me, you better pay me. You know you don't deserve to jerkoff to a hot young brat like me for free. You know it, you feel it. Of course you have to pay me, I mean look at my body. It melts your stupid weak brain. You're a hopeless addicted gooner simp for me, aren't you? Jerk to my ass you little loser gooner, jerk and just let your addiction grow and grow until it's completely out of control. You're such a moron. Keep jerking, keep paying, keep ruining your life. Now stare at my ass, this is what you're giving up your life for, this is what you're spending your hard earned cash on. You can't stop, can you? No you can't you stupid addicted moron.
And you know you'll never have me, I don't fuck losers, I'm too busy fucking my hung alpha boyfriend. But you don't care, you just want to jerk to me. You really are too stupid to stop. Too stupid, too horny, to addicted to my perfection. I want you to say it, say, 'Rebelle, I'm too stupid to stop because I'm so addicted to you.' LOL! You are so stupid because you're completely ruled by your cock. You have no self control. You know that spending all of your money on me, a hot young findom brat, is going to fuck you over, and yet you can't stop. You're too fucking stupid. You're so fucking pathetic. I really have ruined your life. You don't even go out any more, and why would you when you can stay home and jerk to me. And even if you wanted to go out, you can't, you've spent all of your money on me lol.
I've taken over your life. You'll never have a girlfriend again, you're too busy jerking to me. And you wouldn't even have enough money left to spend on a girlfriend even if you could quit this addiction, which you can't. You're too fucking stupid. Stupid losers like you don't have sex because they're too busy jerking off. It's pathetic and disgusting. I've caused so much damage and destruction to your life and all you can do is sit there and jerk to it. You can't help yourself. You just need to keep jerking. You're so obsessed with me that you couldn't even get hard for another girl. You're completely fucked. I have you wrapped around my little finger. I'm completely ruining your life, I'm ruining your brain, your social life, and your finances. And you love it. Do you know how I know? Because you can't stop.
And you can't stop because I do more for you than anyone ever has in your entire life. You need to keep jerking, you need to keep paying. You want to go into debt for me. I'm going to completely fucking ruin you. And you think that's so hot. You fucking idiot. I'm sure you're jerking it so fast right now thinking about me ruining your life. You're too stupid to stop. Pathetic. But I love that you're too stupid to stop because you gooning idiots just keep filling up my bank account lol.
- Rebelle Hart! -

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