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Added: 10-07-2021

I was all alone in the house with my step-brother, and since I was busy playing video games, he thought he had an opportunity to go smoke a little without me noticing. I had no idea he started smoking, but I caught him in the act, and he's gonna have some explaining to do!
He just turned 18 recently, and he already started doing this kind of ! Or maybe he's already been doing it for a while now, who knows? Either way, he's in real trouble, cause I'm gonna tell our paps unless he does what I want today!
And after all...why would you destroy your lungs and ruin your health just to impress your friends? Why would you smoke that that doesn't even get you high, doesn't do anything good to you at all? Why would you do that when you could do something much better?
And I know just the thing, little step-brother! I have a little bottle filled with a magic liquid that I want you to inhale. I won't do any explaining, I just need you to trust me and go along with it, without asking too many questions. Well..that is, unless you want me to share your little secret with our pa*ents!
That's what I thought! I'm gonna get you all high and weak, dizzy and confused for me, then tease you with my perfect body. I always knew you had a thing for me, so don't even try to deny it. Maybe I'll let you touch...maybe I won't, but will I let you cum for your step-sis? Only one way to find out, I guess! (what do you think, though, idiot?)

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