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Added: 10-07-2021

I know you towel head loser would do anything I say. So here you go I pay attention to you, but you have to do something for me. And you would do anything as I said so if I say suck a dick you would suck dick. You would let your girlfriend suck my mans dick and she would fuck him and even let him put it in her ass. In this video I describe in detail what I will do to make you my cuckold bitch and your girlfriend and wife too. You both will serve me and my man. You will just sit back and watch and enjoy as she sucks his sick and moans like a whore. You might even actually be allowed to clean her after he cums in her, and you will hold his dick as she suck step-son it and guide it into her pussy as she's bent over doggy style with her legs spread open for him to enter her wet pussy. Welcome to your new life Muslim loser, you are good for nothing only to be and humiliated by me, and I will humiliate your family too.

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