Goddess Evelyn - Premature Foot Freak - Dirty Feet

Added: 08-07-2021

I'm your girlfriend, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. So I get all dressed up in a new lingerie pantie set and wait for you to get home. Once you get home I give you a veryyyyy short tease of My body and I see that you nut in your pants.
This is where thigs start to go very wrong for you. It disgusts Me that you can't last more than a few seconds, and I make fun of you, and tell you that your one chance to fuck Me is gone. I get up and put My regular clothes on, and I tell you that you're only allowed to stroke to My feet. Right away you start showing signs that you're about to cum. Frustrated I put My socks on, and tell you that you now don't deserve My naked feet. I give you a few cum countdowns and tell you that if you can last 10 seconds I'll let you cum on My toes.
Of course you don't last. This is the last straw. I put on a pair of boots and cruelly humiliate you. Telling you that I would have let you cum inside Me if you were a real man. But you're not. You're obviously a beta bitch and a foot freak. I give you one final count down and allow you to cum on My boots. Get used to this. You'll never see My naked body or My feet again.
Custom Video. No name.

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