Money Goddesss - Aroma jerking drone - Masturbation Instruction

Added: 06-07-2021

Hello, I love your Clips, you are the best. My fantasy. You come to my Office and Wear a Sexy Secretary Outfite with a tiny Skirt, no Pantys, Nylons and Sexy heels. You want a Job as my Secretary and Sit in front of me. You talk to me what a good Secretary you are and Show me your new Parfume ( your Bottle). You want that I sniff it, you see that makes me dizzy, horny and obidient. You beginn to Show me your Pussy and cross your Legs (like in Basic Instinct) and Messmerice me into your Slave if you make me to Sniff more and watch on your Pussy and Legs. You tell me that your the Boss now and I am your Aroma Jerk Zombie. You give me the Bottle and I have to Sniff every Time you Cross your Legs and to Jerk if you Dangle your Heels. You tell me that you are the Boss now and I am your Aroma Jerk Zombie, your Barainless Jerkdrone, your Footslave... and how you Controll me in Future as your Foot Slave. At last you give me a Cum Countdown and tell me to start Jerking and Sniffing again

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