Roxy Cox - Step bro gets edged JOI and anal from step sisters - Anal Training

Added: 05-07-2021

Roxy & Tamsin are listening to their younger Step-Bro wanking in the bathroom. They can hear him through the door and they know he’s not **** instead he's jerking off to porn like always. Today is going to be different though, they’ve broken the lock on the door so they can see just how into taboo action the little perv really is! The door bursts open and the two girls look down at him, sat on the toilet, jerking his dick thinking about fucking them. They call him out on how sick and perverted he is but they’ve got a lot more instore for him. Out of nowhere the two girls enter the bathroom, close the door behind them and kneel in front of his cock only inches from their faces. They’re going to let him carry on jerking with them both in the room to prove just how fucked up he is. They tease the dirty wanker giving him taboo JOI but never letting him touch them. To drive him over the edge, they strip in front of him reach out for some of his personal belongings from the bathroom and use them to penetrate their tight assholes. He can’t believe that they are actually giving him a private anal odd insertion show in the toilet, but it seems to be getting even better when they offer him a handjob. He eagerly accepts but soon realises just how devious the girls have been. They put on dry, shower scrubbing gloves and wrap their hands around his dick. The rough, prickly gloves are rubbing his penis raw but it’s too late to stop now, they have got a tight grip on him and aren’t going to stop. To complete their revenge, one of the girls opens her mouth just as he cums, and slurps up all the evidence. She spits the sperm back at him, all over the floor and shouts for their Step-Mom just as they planned.

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