Candy Glitter - Goon Black Out - Hypnotic

Added: 30-06-2021

MY MOST INTENSE GOONER CLIP TO DATE. This is a goon black out. You will edge until you can’t think straight. You are going to pump your cock until you lose track of time and reality. Begin to pump your aching throbbing cock as you become my permanently addicted goon slave. Each stroke of your cock will bring you closer and closer to a lifetime of gooning, forgetting any responsibilities and commitments you previously held. As the imagery in this clip takes hold of you, let the edges of your vision go fuzzy as you focus on nothing but my perfection on your screen. You are no longer a person in a room, you are a gooner, an aching throbbing cock, and nothing more. Goon until you can’t think straight. Goon until you black out. Lose track of time. Goon for hours, days, weeks, avoiding orgasms at all costs so you can stay within the goon black out. By reading this, you think you know what it means to experience a goon black out, but you have no idea, and you won’t truly know until you finish this experience, and even then, the effects of Princess Candy’s goon black out remain to be seen. This clip is an intense mindfuck. Best enjoyed with headphones and a dark room. This is my most intense gooner clip to date. Get ready. This is Princess Candy’s goon black out.
Is your dick already getting hard thinking about slipping deep into the goon zone for Princess Candy? Then use markup code GOON at checkout.

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