HumiliationPOV - Goddess Leena Fox - Cash Rape Overdose

Added: 04-05-2021

Goddess Leena Fox!
This is a mindblowing mashup/remix of two of Leena's most intense mindwashing clips, 'Overdose On Me' and 'Cash Råpe Mindwash For Brainless Findom Fuckups'. Each one alone is complete and utter mindfuck, but when you mix them together, you're going to be left bankrupt and brainless. The audios are split between your left and right ear and come together in the center of your brain to totally mindwash you and fuck you up in ways you've never been brainfucked before. The audio is truly a mindwashing masterpiece. Then the two videos have been spliced together to give you two simultaneous images of Leena's perfect body, enough to drive any man into a pumping, spending frenzy. This is a dangerous combination and has been programmed to fuck you up on Leena more than you ever have been! This is an intense mindfuck, don't say you weren't warned when you wake up realizing you spent far more than you ever had. But it will also lead you to one of the most intense orgasms you've ever experienced. You will experience all of her night traits.
'Overdose On Me' Features Goddess Leena Fox mercilessly teasing you with her perfect body while she encourages you to overdose on her. She will repeat these words over and over again until your brain leaks out of your head. Overdose on her, watch her clips more than you should, pump to her more than you should, and spend on her more than you should. A complete and total overdose of Goddess Leena will overwhelm you. It will feel so good to overdose, because you know that you shouldn't. Yet the idea of overdosing has your cock twitching. You will want to goon endlessly to her mesmerizing body as you are relentlessly encouraged to overdose on her. It feels so good to overdose on her. You can't stop. You can't resist. You want to overdose. You need to overdose. Take your addiction to the extreme. Overdose.
'Cash Råpe Mindwash For Brainless Findom Fuckups' You fucked up findom addicts are so fucked! This is a mindfuck/mesmerize findom clip that will completely mindwash you into becoming Goddess Leena's minfucked pay pig. The audio is comprised mostly of two words, 'cash r a p e'. (There is Heavy repetition and layering.) Goddess Leena has layered these words over and over and over again, so that you cannot escape them. She whispers them from ear to ear, and says those words in so many ways that your brain will become washed with them. You will also hear her giggling and laughing at you and you can feel in her laugh that she knows that you're fucked. There are also a few other subliminal pay piggy trigger words layered in. The audio is absolutely mindblowing! And while your head is being reprogrammed to want 'cash r a p e', Goddess Leena Fox teases you mercilessly with her perfect body. It's really too much for any pig to handle. If you watch this clip you're going to be mindwashed and desperate to be cash r a p e d by Goddess Leena. In fact, you'll be begging her to cash r a p e you. This is a dangerous clip. Don't say you weren't warned! Oink oink piggy.
Now imagine those two videos, those two audios, coming at you all at once. It is overwhelming, a mindwashing mindfuck that will leave you on an endless edging loop and completely fucking broke!

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