Flores - Detention Teacher Seduction

Added: 29-03-2016

You walk in the classroom for detention and sit down on couch laughing at me, you ask me if I enjoyed the show during class earlier, you mock me because you know that’s why you’re in detention, because I didn’t get enough views earlier and call me a big fucking pervert! Flip me the finger as you remind me how I blew a load in class I was so excited from you, you ask how it felt to carry that wad in my pants during the day. You see that I’m trying to hide the boner in my pants but you its so obvious that I’m hard again; You then reenact how you teased me during class (you sit in the front of my class) and ask me what it was that got me to explode: with each body part, you ask me if that’s what I like and encourage me to beat off with hand gestures: “Was it my tits (you take jacket off and grab your tits and then bend forward); Was it my legs (lift legs straight up in the air and rub up and down, then open legs and rub inner thighs): Was it my ass (you turn over on your side, lift your skirt from the back , then smack and rub your ass and then lift and snap the thong from the back to give me a better view), or was it my pussy (you sit up again an open your legs wide and rub your pussy thru your underwear and give me a few peak views as you pull panties to the side and then back). You keep laughing at me, and tell me how much you love the power over me, I’m such a loser that I have to get off during class, I can’t get any action on my own; You tell me to take a long look at what I’ll never get cause it’s the closest to a hot fucking girl I’ll ever see in my lifetime, I’ll never get to touch you but I can look and imagine all I want; you tell me you locked the door on the way in and it’s just the two of us so you want me to pull out my cock and tug it in front of you as you tug on your tie to imitate me ,you wanna see how crazy and wet you make me, “Ah that’s better, doesn’t that feel good,” you say as you start stripping yourself and take your top off completely, you tell me you want me to lose control again and watch me shoot a large load all over myself again. You grab your phone and snap pictures of me jerking and send them to some of your friends, you say you’re gonna blackmail me later but I don’t even care as I just keep stroking to you in heat ; You rub and grab your nipples and all around your tits, you ask me how bad I want it right now, and if I want to see more, but you then order me to stop jerking to keep the show going, you don’t want me to climax til you’re done having fun with me, you laugh and how I’m squirming in torment cause I can’t touch myself to you as you rub your pussy and give me a peak view, then you ask if I’m ready for more as you give me a cameltoe view and ride them in your pussy and then back out; you ask mockingly what’s the matter, professor, do you wanna tug on your cock? You then stand up now, bend over and pull your thongs off slowly, lick your finger and rub up your ass and then in your pussy, you sit down again and use the panties to rub around and in your pussy a bit, then sniff your panties and keep laughing at how much pain I’m in, you ask if I have blue balls, you remind me I can’t touch myself if I wanna see more action and you start fingering and licking yourself back and forth, rub and lick tits also and grab and shake your ass cheeks while sitting, you tell me proud that I haven’t came yet, and clap your hands mockingly; you lift your skirt up and down, and cover and uncover your tits to tease me some more and then lift your legs up again and start stroking your heels to imitate what I really wanna do right now. You then say its ok to stroke again but can only rub my balls not my shaft, you see how I’m spewing in pre-cum all over myself, you laugh how I’m a ticking time bomb ready to explode but you wanna torture me some more; you then grab an anal plug (short, stubby, glass one if you have); you lay sideways with nice view of pussy and ass and slide plug in and out of ass as you blow kisses at me and give jerking motion while talking about how tight and perfect your asshole and ask how bad I wanna shove my cock in it instead of the plug, but I can only imagine it, until I finally blow my load all over myself, you snap another picture of me, say what a good shot it is of me amusingly and tell me your done playing games with me for today, you put your clothes back on, flip me off and walk out and tell me you’ll see me tomorrow!

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