British Bratz - Pay Slave Addict

Added: 16-01-2021

We both know it, all I care about is that pay packet. Money is my addiction and you are nothing but a feeder. Totally and utterly addicted to paying hot, dominant women is just what your pathetic life consists of. To be left with the bare necessitates to get you through whilst I lead a life of sheer luxury. You know you deserve nothing more than a life of poverty, starvation and misery all to ensure that I am kept happy, my greed is met and my addiction to cash is fulfilled. It started off with a menial tribute and look where it has led you. Did you really think you would be this consumed by Financial Domination? You will work extra hours, numerous jobs, you will lose all self respect and will agree to anything that can possibly make you a buck no matter how demoralising and embarrassing it could be. You pay me for existing. My beauty corrupted you instantly and have occupied your mind since. You know i’m a bitch, you know that you do not exist to me and I all I care about is your wallet, this in turn just reinstates your presence in my life as a lowly money machine. You are smitten, totally owned and seeing bankruptcy in your sight just pushes you to spend harder and faster. Binge, you know it feels good. You know it makes me happy and that is why you are here on your earth. So do your job.
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