Janira Wolfe - Janira Trains Her New Slave

Added: 06-01-2021

You wake up from your first night sleeping beside your new owner/mistress since being bought from the slave auctions yesterday. She chained you up beside her bed on the floor so that you wouldn’t “wander off” before she gets you chipped. So you go through the day with her telling you what your new slave duties are. The first one is to massage her feet when she first wakes & then lie there as she steps on you on the way to the bathroom. Then you must kneel by her as she pees & then lick her clean when she’s done. Then it’s off to the kitchen where she tells you what to make for breakfast, and you must learn to cook white people food & not just grits & watermelon! First she’s served & fed by you and AFTERWARDS, you get the leftovers… but only after she spits on them. And you must sit on the floor to eat it. Then she takes you over to the couch where she wants to fully see her new black nigger slave & see if you have a big nigger cock! You sure do and you must amuse her by jerking off for your new white supreme owner as she watches you & licks her lips while you stroke your big black cock like a monkey for her!
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