Demon Goddess J - Spoil ME With Loyalty

Added: 04-01-2021

Look at me. Really look at me. I know you like to meander through my social networks, liking here and there, or occasionally buying a clip. Maybe a few of you are even more dedicated and one of my regular cam boys. Ever so few of you have even seen me in person! But none of you are spoiling me the way I deserve! All of your attention should come to me. When you wake up in the morning, you should be kissing a photo of my ass, when you fuck your girl you should be thinking “Jane Owns my Brain” with every pump, when you take a piss you should watch the trickle wondering what mine sounds like when it hits the toilet bowl! I am always on your mind, I am always what you crave, you only deserve what I tell you to enjoy, and all I want you to have is ME! Hahaha. So buy this clip and get quite the eyeful while I tell you just how to touch yourself… tall boots, kushy panties, camel toe, corset on lock… You know you want it all little slut, down to the dribble of spit that slides between my lips. But don’t you dare cum! There’s a cum tax on this clip and before you bust you better pony up loser;$demongoddessj
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