DemonGoddessJ - 3 Domme Cum Eating Instruction and Tease

Added: 30-12-2020

It’s easy to say yes when the task is as simple as pleasing three hot Domme’s. It’s easy to pop a boner and lose yourself in the screen while we caress each other and tell you exactly what to do. You like pleasing us don’t you? It feels good to obey and to make us happy. Enticing PearlSinclair3 and LexxiSky look so good next to me in matching lingerie…. Stroking to us is good but following our orders is so much better. You’re going to cup that palm for us and follow this little countdown closely… in only 5 seconds we want that sperm to squirt straight into the cupped palm of your hand. It’s so easy to please and obey us when we bounce our tits and show off our bodies as we encourage you to eat it. To lap it up. To lick it all down and thank us at the end because we turned your orgasm into a super fun little game! Just reading about it makes you hard already. Do you think we can convince you? How badly do you want to please us?
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