HumiliationPOV - Goddess Kitty - Extreme Self Esteem Destruction - I Want You To Hate Yourself For Jerking Off To This

Added: 28-12-2020

You pathetic fucking loser. I want you to listen to me and watch me and I want you to very clearly understand me. Because I am going to tell you exactly what a fucking loser you are. I’m going to tell you exactly how pathetic you are. And do you know what I want you to do? I want you to sit there and jerk your cock while I verbally destroy you. You’d love that wouldn’t you? You love watching and listening to a hot brat as she verbally tears you apart. And that right there begins to describe exactly how pathetic you are. Jerk that dick for me loser. What I’m going to tell you today is what everyone else already thinks of you, including people you know. I am going to be honest with you and you need to hear the truth.
Now I know that you’re quite insecure and you worry if you’re interesting, or attractive. Well, you’re not. You’re boring, and ugly and socially inept, you’re a fucking loser. A loser who needs a woman like me to tear them apart. A woman who will treat you like the stupid little pathetic loser that you are. You need that, don’t you? Do you think I real man craves this kind of åbuse? No, of course not. But you’re not a real man, you’re just a chronic masturbating loser. Real men don’t jerk off all day. You’re just a bitch. Look at you jerking away to my verbal humiliation. You’re pathetic. Men like you disgust me. And not just me, but you disgust every other woman in your life, they’re just too polite, but, well, I’m not. I don’t give a fuck if I hurt your feelings because I don’t give a fuck about you.
And I know you can hear that I mean it by the tone in my voice. You’re pathetic. Look at yourself right now, jerking off to this clip, is this what you imagined your life would be like? No, it’s not. Did you think that night after night you’d be gripping your dick searching for hot bratty girls to humiliate you? No, I’ll bet that you thought you’d be fucking all kinds of girls. Or at least your wife, LOL! But you’re not, are you? You’re not fucking anyone. I mean who would want to fuck you? You Must know deep down that you’re a loser. I mean why else would you be here? You must know that no one really likes you. Why else would you spend night after night jerking off to women who despise you? If you had friends or any kind of personality or looks, you wouldn’t be doing this.
Awww is this making you feel bad? I don’t give a fuck. I want you to hurt emotionally. I want you to fucking hate yourself for jerking off to this, and then I want you to realize that you think it’s hot. Do you see how sad and fucked up you are? I fucking hate you but I do enjoy hurting you. I want you to hurt. I enjoy ripping you the fuck apart and that’s why I do this. I don’t care if you get off or not. You’re fucking worthless. No one likes you. You’re a loser and you’ve always been a loser. And you’re just so happy that I even pay this kind of attention to you. You’re happy that you’ve finally found a woman who can be completely honest with you because this is when you are your most authentic self. You need this, you crave this.
Your life has become one repetitive day, hasn’t it? You have your routine of gooning and gooning, night after night, and it never changes. You hate yourself, and you jerk off to women hating you. And let me tell you something else, no one is ever going to love you. Not the real you. No one could love what you are. You might fool someone by putting up a front, but no one will ever love the real you. Who would love a chronic masturbating freak? So why even try to have a relationship when all the real you wants to do is be all alone jerking off?
What sort of freak gets off on this? What sort of idiot gets off to this kind of verbal åbuse? You. Here you are, jerking off and getting off to being verbally annihilated. How fucking pathetic. But you love it, don’t you? You love knowing just what I think of you. You are a disgrace. No normal man would ever get off to this. But you’re not normal, are you? No, you’re a dirty, disgusting freak who just needs to be put in his place. You love knowing I wouldn’t even let you lick the soles of my boots. I wouldn’t let you anywhere near me, nor would any woman. We’re all disgusted by you. Just look in the mirror, you must know how pathetic you are. And there’s nothing you can do to change yourself, it’s just who you are. You’re a boring, pathetic, submissive loser. And that is all you’ll ever be in life. You’re an idiot for getting off to this. Now fuck off. You’re not important to me or anyone.
– Goddess Kitty –
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