Princess Ashley - Doing You a Favor - Femdom Pov

Added: 31-07-2021

You are so lucky you have Me to take all that extra cash off your hands. You're not good with money and you would only do something extremely stupid if you were to try and keep it for yourself. I, on the other hand, am great with money. It flows naturally and abundantly to Me. Whereas you struggle to make and keep your income - always screwing things up for yourself. And that's okay! No need to beat yourself up about it or try to change unsuccessfully over and over again. Some of us are just good with money (Me) and some of us are not (you). The only sane and rational thing for you to do is to hand it over to Me. I wont make dumb loser decisions or waste it on dumb horny boner things the way that you would. You just aren't meant to be wealthy or successful and that's okay. There needs to be betas like you in the world to balance out the Alphas like Me. I attract money as easily as you lose it. In fact, your money actually WANTS to be with Me. And it clearly refuses to stay with you and will leave by any means possible. Again, the only rational and responsible thing for you to do is hand it over to Me since I am in fact your money's rightful owner. You're so lucky to have Me to take it off your hands!

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