HumiliationPOV - Alix Lynx - Mocking Your Goon Face - You Look SO Stupid!

Added: 20-12-2020

You just love jerking to girls as they mock how stupid you look when you jerk. But you look especially stupid when you goon. When your mind is completely gone and your eyes roll back in your head and your mouth opens and your tongue hangs out. You look like a complete braindeåd fucktard. I’m going to show you what you look like, I’m going to mock you with the goon face. And because you’re such a complete and utter fuck up, it’s going to make you jerkoff even harder. I want you to goon and watch me mock you, gooner. You love it when I make the goon face, in fact, you’re going to become addicted to it. You fucking can’t get enough of it.
I’m going to make it over and over and over again while you jerk to it. You fucking loser! You can’t get enough of my goon face, can you? You just can’t stop jerking to it LOL! It feels so good to goon and watch me mock your goon face. You’re caught in a goon trance, unable to remove your hand from your stupid, horny cock. I know you can’t stop jerking, you’re just waiting for me to make the face again so that your hand will speed up. It just seems to speed up every time I make that face, doesn’t it?
All you do is stroke all day long. You’re so fucking pathetic. I can tease you with my perfect porn star body, I know you love that, but even my body doesn’t make you jerk as hard as when I make my goon face. That’s so fucked up! LOL! Most guys would love the opportunity to jerk to my perfect body, but you’d prefer to jerk to my face while I’m mocking what an idiot you look like. Pathetic. I mean I don’t even know why I bother taking my perfect porn star tits out for you. You’d rather just jerk to my goon face. God you look so fucking stupid!
You’re loving this, aren’t you fuckhead? Yes, I know you are. Goon for me. Feel your eyes roll up in your head as you get dumber and dumber. LOL good boy. You love my gooning mockery. I’m going to mock you relentlessly throughout this clip as I turn you into my goon face addict LOL! You’re so easy, I know exactly what makes you tick and I know exactly what you want. Jerk it for me, I never want you to stop stroking to me. I want to turn you into my own personal chronic masturbator, hopelessly addicted to me. Fucking moron. You’re never going to be able to stop jerking to this. You can’t stop, can you? No you can’t, look at you, you can’t take your hand off of your cock LOL!
Why does this turn you on so much? How did you become so broken that you get off to the sight of your own stupidity? Did jerking your cock every single free moment you have break your brain? Jerking off so much turned you into such a stupid fucktard, that now you can only get off to being mocked for being a stupid fucktard. Keep stroking that pathetic cock loser. I want you addicted to me and addicted to my goon face. Which really is your face LOL! God you’re so stupid! Jerk it faster moron, bring yourself right to the edge as you watch me mock you. Goon for me and watch me mock you to a mind blowing orgasm!
– Alix Lynx –
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