Miss Kate Kingsley - NYE Loser Worship - New Year

Added: 20-12-2020

Doesn’t get much sadder than this. New Year’s Eve, the eve of a new DECADE, and here you are, scrolling femdom clips. It’s pathetic on an average night, but tonight? Didn’t get an invite? Didn’t want to deal with sitting in a busy bar, feeling totally fucking invisible while people laugh and have the time of their lives all around you.
You figured it’d be at least somewhat enjoyable to hang out in your underwear with the heater turned up getting abused by the Superior Sex. Scrolling social media, seeing smiling selfies and posts about New Year’s Resolutions, people looking to better themselves, have new experiences, achieve greater accomplishments. And you? The best part about you is you’ve accepted the hand you’ve been dealt. You realize there’s no point.
This is literally as good as it gets, sitting in your computer chair, worshipping Me, and getting the dopamine rush of being completely fucking validated for all the horrid thoughts you’ve ever had about yourself. People have lied for years and said it would get better. Fuck them, why sugar coat it. It’s not going to get better. You’re getting older and fatter with each passing day, even LESS desirable, more pathetic. Your hand pussy sex is the best you’ve ever had, the mostly loving and committed relationship has been your fucking palm pussy. Sitting around, addicted to jacking off, making gorgeous Women like Me rich. And you fucking love that. Feeling My power in contrast to your worthlessness.
Turns out this is the perfect way to spend this holiday. Happy New Year’s, loser.
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